Your next level of success, freedom, impact, and joy starts with intentionally designing your life so you can thrive in all areas.

I believe that creating a vibrant life doesn't have to be so hard. All it takes is a little intentionality, a whole lot of vibrant energy, and some support along way.

that's where I come in!

A lawyer turned professional coach, I'm passionate about figuring out ways to work smarter and helping you to design a thriving, fulfilling, and authentic life. I especially enjoy helping others figure out how to accomplish their goals more efficiently and in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable, and authentic.


I'm Erin

I'm no stranger to hard work, but I believe true productivity and sustainable success and fulfillment come easier when we have a clear and focused mind, take aligned action, and are grounded, vibrant, and thriving in all areas of our lives.

While practicing law at a top, large law firm in Chicago, I discovered my passion for guiding others through challenges and growth opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

As much as I enjoyed strategic thinking and problem-solving as a lawyer, I enjoy it even more working with people -  serving as a catalyst for others to shift their mindset, expand their perspectives, and create positive growth and change in their personal and professional lives. 

my story

These days, you can find me coaching and encouraging others to live their best lives, writing articles, and living my own best life from my home in Chicago. 

You deserve to truly flourish - to have the impact you want to make and the deeply fulfilling, healthy, happy life you desire. It's yours to create. And it's not as far out of reach as you might think!

I support my clients in figuring out ways to get more of what matters most done and create more balance, ease, and flow, so they can make more of an impact and be less overwhelmed. 

It's true, you could keep straining and striving, being overwhelmed and ending another day unsatisfied... hoping tomorrow you'll "get more done" and things will somehow flow more smoothly. OR... you could team up with me and we can figure it out now - together.

What lights me up most? Empowering people to be more effective and efficient, to confidently pursue their dreams and goals, and to build a fulfilling and nourishing life that allows them to show up at their best - an authentic, joyful life. A life on their terms in alignment with their vision, values, priorities, and desires. It's such a joy and an honor to get to serve my clients in this way and to get to see the insights, self-discovery, and transformations they experience! 

I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, stretched too thin, and disconnected from yourself and what matters to you most when pursuing goals and dreams. 

I help my clients connect with their inner wisdom, own who they are and what they want, and go after it with more ease and flow.

You don't have to figure it all out alone.

I bet this one is no surprise to you! I love a quiet morning spent scribbling my thoughts and dreams into a beautiful Moleskine journal. Journaling helps me process my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, connect to my inner wisdom, and develop my spirituality. It's also fun to be able to look back and see how my journey has unfolded.


NeXT FAVorite

There's nothing quite like sipping a cup of coffee to get the day started (while I'm journaling)! For me, coffee is more about the ritual of it all. (Okay... I admit I like a caffeine boost too!) I prefer my coffee dark and robust - no light roast here!! Whether it's pour over at home or lattes with a friend at a local coffee shop, it's one of those sweet little additions that makes life richer.


NeXT FAVorite

I grew up in a small(ish) town 3 hours south of Chicago, but the city now officially feels like home to me. I love exploring all the different neighborhoods and restaurants, Lincoln Park, the Riverwalk, and Lake Michigan beaches in the summer. Winters may be freezing, but the incredible summers here almost always make up for it!! Despite how big the city is, it still has that friendly Midwestern vibe that I love.


NeXT FAVorite

I discovered my love for strength training in law school after being diagnosed with Narcolepsy and starting treatment. For the first time, I had energy!! I signed up for a personal trainer and it's been my favorite form of exercise ever since. I also love doing yoga with Adriene videos in my living room. (If you haven't tried her free videos, seriously check them out!!)

strength training & YOGA

NeXT FAVorite

In my spare time, I love decorating my home. It's important to me that my home is a place where I feel inspired, relaxed, creative, and cozy. I believe the aesthetic of our home can enhance our energy, creativity, and joy. My favorite colors to decorate with are coastal blues, bright whites, and peachy pinks, as you can tell by this site!! They're calming and inspiring to me! I also love candles & picture frames.

home decorating

NeXT FAVorite

My love for cooking comes from my mom! Watching her cook healthy, delicious meals in our kitchen growing up inspired me to experiment and develop my own cooking skills. I rarely follow a recipe - I toss in a little of this and a little of that! My mom taught me to play and experiment in the kitchen and that there are really no "mistakes," only opportunities to learn and tweak for next time. It's a great metaphor for life! 


next favorite

a few of my favorite things...

MY Mission:

To be a catalyst for positive change and growth in others - to help them gain powerful insights and guide them in connecting with their inner wisdom and tapping into more of their potential so that they can live their best lives.

Shining a light on your blind spots, connecting dots, challenging limiting beliefs, speaking the truth, and sharing what I see, especially when it could be keeping you from truly thriving in all areas. Being supportive and compassionate, yet not afraid to tell you the truth and hold you accountable along the way!


I provide one-on-one coaching services with a holistic approach recognizing that life, work, mindset, health, relationships... they're all related. When we work together, we dive deep to unpack the things that are overwhelming you and sort through the details together. I guide and support you in getting the clarity you desire, shifting limiting beliefs holding you back, and optimizing your mindset. We can talk through decisions, brainstorm ideas, and look at how to design your life so you can move toward what you want with more intention and ease.

what I do.

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