I'm a former attorney turned life coach, a lawyer talent manager in my 9-5, and a nerd when it comes to personal growth and living well. Here, you'll find practical strategies and encouragement to take charge and build a fulfilling, happy, healthy life and career you love. If you're looking for relatable real talk and personal empowerment, you're in the right place. Grab a cup of coffee and join me!

I'm a certified life coach and former practicing attorney. Here, you'll find a mix of practical ideas and encouragement to cultivate a more fulfilling, present, and joyful life and career. If you're looking to deepen your growth and live more intentionally, you're in the right place!


I'm Erin.

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Do you ever stop yourself from doing things outside your comfort zone? Even if it’s something you want and know would be good for you, that little voice in your head pops up, telling you to stay where it feels comfy and safe. Maybe you stayed in and skipped a party where you didn’t know […]

Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

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Minimalism. Tiny houses. Capsule wardrobes. Decluttering. Living simply. You’ve probably heard a few of these concepts swirling around in the atmosphere lately. What do they all have in common? Sure, owning less, clearing away clutter, and cleaning out your closets. But at the core, they’re really about the same thing: living intentionally.  Many of the people advocating for the minimalist lifestyle […]

How Minimalism Can Improve Your Life And How It Changed Mine

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Everybody has default mindsets that have the potential to hold them back if left unchecked. For high-achievers, they’re often related to perfectionism. I’ve fallen into some of these unhelpful mindsets myself. I hope by sharing what I’ve learned, it’ll help you avoid them or at least learn how to recognize and shift out of these so […]

5 Important Mindset Shifts for High-Achievers to Make

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Have you ever wanted to do something — a side project, business, new job, hobby — but you were overcome by self-doubt? A little voice in your head said maybe it isn’t the “perfect” time? Maybe you don’t have all the skills you need? Maybe you’re not enough? Did you listen to that little voice? Did […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For The Perfect Time to Start

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Recently, I hopped on the train to Michael’s craft store. (I could spend hours in that place!) As I wandered through the aisles eyeing all the pretty things, I stumbled across the watercolor section. I’ve always been drawn to watercolor art, even buying a few for my apartment. As I was staring at a rainbow watercolor palette, […]

Approaching Life with Childlike Wonder

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In the hectic culture we live in, how often do you set aside time for self-care – or really any time to pause, breathe, and connect with your inner voice? Over the weekend, we traveled to a beautiful, quiet forest preserve just outside of Chicago to enjoy a few walking trails. It’s been awhile since I’ve left […]

Creating Time for Self-Care and Reflection

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