Here, I share tips and insights on how to live intentionally, cultivate positive and empowering mindsets, pursue dreams and goals with clarity and ease, reduce stress and overwhelm, improve productivity, and experience more inner peace, joy and fulfillment.


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If you feel like you hold yourself back from doing some of the things you know would move you forward, this post is for you. Whether you want to start a new business, launch a new product or service, be more visible, or even just speak your truth in a bolder way, it can be […]

1 Key Reason You Resist Taking Action–And How to Move Past It

How to Avoid Burnout by Reconnecting with Your Big Vision

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When you have lots of goals, inspired ideas, and competing priorities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. You may want to do ALL THE THINGS and do them all RIGHT NOW, but then you feel like you’re not accomplishing much of anything and just can’t seem to get ahead of it all. After all, […]

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I’ve always been a high-achiever but working for myself (doing work I love) really kicked my urge to work all the time into high gear. As a lawyer, I had a surprising amount of autonomy and could work from home often. I often worked long hours, but I did my best to establish some boundaries. […]

3 Simple Ways to Work Smarter (Not Harder) When You Work For Yourself

3 Things to Do When Considering the Leap into Entrepreneurship

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Have you been thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, but aren’t sure whether to go for it? Whether it’s a new idea or something you’ve been thinking about for awhile… it’s tough to be stuck in uncertainty about whether to go for it. I know, I’ve been there myself when I was deciding whether […]

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Do you ever stop yourself from doing things outside your comfort zone? Even if it’s something you want and know would be good for you, that little voice in your head pops up, telling you to stay where it feels comfy and safe. Maybe you stayed in and skipped a party where you didn’t know […]

Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

How Minimalism Can Improve Your Life And How It Changed Mine

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Minimalism. Tiny houses. Capsule wardrobes. Decluttering. Living simply. You’ve probably heard a few of these concepts swirling around in the atmosphere lately. What do they all have in common? Sure, owning less, clearing away clutter, and cleaning out your closets. But at the core, they’re really about the same thing: living intentionally.  Many of the people advocating for the minimalist lifestyle […]

I left a career as a lawyer to become a life and mindset coach and create a life of passion, creativity, balance, freedom, and joy. Here, I share tips and insights on how to live more intentionally, cultivate more positive and empowering mindsets, go after goals with clarity and ease, and experience more inner peace, joy, and fulfillment. Grab a cup of coffee & join me!

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