I'm a former attorney turned life coach, a lawyer talent manager in my 9-5, and a nerd when it comes to personal growth and living well. Here, you'll find practical strategies and encouragement to take charge and build a fulfilling, happy, healthy life and career you love. If you're looking for relatable real talk and personal empowerment, you're in the right place. Grab a cup of coffee and join me!

I'm a certified life coach and former practicing attorney. Here, you'll find a mix of practical ideas and encouragement to cultivate a more fulfilling, present, and joyful life and career. If you're looking to deepen your growth and live more intentionally, you're in the right place!


I'm Erin.

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One of the suggestions I often make to clients who want to improve their lives is to start building in some simple, everyday habits or practices to improve their overall mindfulness and wellbeing. Many of them want to go big and do all the things (I understand how that is), but it’s really the small, consistent […]

5 Everyday Practices for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

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Minimalism. Tiny houses. Capsule wardrobes. Decluttering. Living simply. You’ve probably heard a few of these concepts swirling around in the atmosphere lately. What do they all have in common? Sure, owning less, clearing away clutter, and cleaning out your closets. But at the core, they’re really about the same thing: living intentionally.  Many of the people advocating for the minimalist lifestyle […]

How Minimalism Can Improve Your Life And How It Changed Mine

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