Discover how to simplify and enhance the way you approach going after your goals, so you can reduce overwhelm and develop a greater sense of focus, clarity, and calm. 

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have goals you want to accomplish (plus passion and drive), but... you're overwhelmed. Frustrated. Stretched too thin. You feel like your efforts are barely moving the needle--or at least moving it fast enough.

have been getting some amazing results BUT you're frantically hustling, doing #ALLTHETHINGS, and feeling all over the place. You're pressure yourself to get it all done... and some of your priorities are getting ignored.

know it's not sustainable (or as effective) but you can't see another way (that doesn't involve staying up late or sacrificing your goals). You long for a sweet sense of satisfaction, inner peace and contentment--to feel on top of your game--as you get things done!

So, you...

But right now it never feels like enough. Maybe you're getting frustrated with yourself or with time (and not having enough of it). You want more. You believe there's more potential inside of you if you could just figure out how to make it all flow better and unleash it.

You want to be deeply satisfied, happy, free, calm, grounded. You want to make a bigger impact and not be so overwhelmed in the process.


Aligned & Thriving

A workshop style course Designed to Help you Get clear on your priorities & goals, Align your actions, and Enhance your focus, energy, & flow, so you can SHED overwhelm, and be more fulfilled, joyful, & effective at what you do.

This isn't just any old course on getting more done by doing more. 

This is about coaching yourself (with my guidance) to understand yourself better, shift your mindset, create your own flow, raise your standards, and enhance your Focus, energy, and flow a way that accounts for WHO YOU ARE-your unique personality, vision, values, priorities & goals (which this course is designed to help you to discover).

(Or forcing some rigid system that doesn't work for YOU.)

It's about Having the kind of clarity you need to be more effective & Truly thrive 

Yet, nothing changes... at least not for long. You need some support. You don't have a good way to sort through your priorities or think about all the different moving parts... not to mention the mindset shifts that need to happen. You're not even sure where to begin. 

All those planners you've bought (collecting dust on your shelf) just don't cut it. The one-size-fits-all systems aren't for you. The hacks and quick tips are great in theory but a one-off tip from some guru (who isn't even like to you at all) just isn't what you need... 

I'd love to provide you with a more holistic approach to sort through your priorities, goals, values, vision, and create new habits and rituals in life work, career, relationships, spirituality, wellbeing, and so on. Because let's be's all related.

A program that takes who YOU are into account, so you can finally know yourself better, and have confidence in that, to see what works for you, what doesn't, and what you want to shift.

Maybe you're thinking "I should be able to figure these things out for myself."

You need the support and structure of an actual step-by-step program (not a planner or hack). 

A program that combines practical strategies and powerful mindset shifts. 

A lawyer turned professional coach and your guide on this journey of self-discovery! 

I combine practical strategies and powerful mindset shifts to help passion-driven creative entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and corporate professionals discover how to be more effective at what they do and lead healthier, happier, more fulfilling and thriving lives in all areas. 

Drawing on my experience as a lawyer, recruiter, and professional coach, I teach, write, speak, and work one-on-one with clients to create opportunities for powerful ah-hah moments and mindset shifts that lead to enhanced lives, improved productivity, and greater satisfaction in life and work.

When I'm not coaching clients or nerding out on personal development things, I'm usually doing yoga, painting, sipping coffee while writing in a journal, or out to brunch with friends!

oh and you might be wondering... 

I'm Erin Solomon,

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