Get practical strategies and personalized guidance to achieve your goals with ease and grace, enjoy more focus and inner peace, and cultivate a thriving, joyous personal life 


A signature 6 week small group coaching program


 for much less than my usual one-on-one rates.

Are you overwhelmed or scattered despite having goals you reeeeaaally want to achieve?

Even if you do get a lot done the frantic hustle way, are you tired of it? Do you want to feel more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful in life and biz? 

Are you looking for a more sustainable, balanced way to achieve your goals and tend to what matters most to you?

is this you?

Do you want to better prioritize and get more done in a way that feels productive and joyous (not depleting)?

Do you want to break through and really start moving the needle on your goals?

Do you try to do #allthethings but feel stretched too thin... like you're failing at most of them and then end up frustrated 'cause big priorities get ignored?


What we'll cover

oh i need this! apply now

Improving your relationships with others and yourself and being in the driver's seat of your own life. 

Cultivating healthy habits,  taking action from a positive, encouraging place (rather than frantic hustle or overwhelm)

Identifying and addressing energy drains depleting or distracting from you what matters most. 

Getting organized, simplifying, and aligning with the life you truly want, including leveling up your surroundings, lifestyle, and workflows.

Level up your lifestyle and workflow for more focus, energy & flow


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6 weeks

6 live group coaching calls 

Lessons, worksheets, resources

Weekly challenges and check-ins

A private Facebook community

Accountability and personal guidance along the way!

Your coach, strategist, accountability partner, and guide for this program!

There's a lot of noise out there when it comes to personal growth...

A professional coach and former practicing attorney, I provide a mix of practical strategies and powerful guidance to help you uncover blocks to greater success and inner peace and be more effective, fulfilled, and at ease.

When I'm not coaching private clients or writing articles, you can probably find me curled up on my couch at home sipping coffee with a personal growth book in hand (or painting with watercolors!)


I'm Erin.

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My approach is focused on practical, tangible strategies as well as working with the subconscious mind. I help you have ah-hah moments and I challenge you and encourage you along the way so you can grow and understand yourself better, tap into your inner wisdom, and discover how to best lead yourself forward. There's a lot of noise out there. Lots of short cuts and life hacks. So much glorification of hustle and busy. You won't find that here! I'm for sustainable success built on a foundation of healthy habits, balanced perspectives, and positive mindsets.

How is my approach different?

What if you had straight-forward, practical guidance to help you cultivate a better,  more peaceful life?

Making change wouldn't be as hard. And it wouldn't seem like a battle with yourself or the overwhelm of information.

Imagine living the life you TRULY want and really enjoying life's little moments, as you embrace the journey. Would you spend more quality time with people you love and accomplish more of your life's work? Would you take better care of yourself? Would you show up as the confident, positive, joyful person you want to be more often? Would you be more at ease, relaxed, grounded?

Imagine what it would be like to know you're becoming more present and fulfilled every day, embracing where you are now, while deepening your grow and aligning with your goals in a very intentional way with the help of a coach. 

You'd be able to relax into the knowing that you're moving in the right direction of growth and experience so much more compassion for yourself along the way. You'd be able to accomplish MORE, while "doing" LESS and allow yourself the space to be more creative and fulfilled. You can have all of that and it's not as far out of reach as you might think! I'm here to help you figure out how.Paragraph

It's not about "hustle," "grind" or getting more done at the expense of your wellbeing...

Because when you're more aware of yourself and your desires, and when you align with what works best for you, life and work begin to flow together more smoothly. 

That is why we explore who you really are and what matters to you most. Your unique vision, values, priorities, goals and preferences. Where you are in life now and where you want to go - who you want to become. 

(it won't force you into a rigid system that doesn't work for YOU.)

It's about deepening your self-awareness and aligning with your truth and intentions. 

It's true, you could keep going it alone but it's way better to team up with a group and a coach who gets it - who gets YOU. To have a strategic thought and accountability partner to help you get rapid, lasting change. With personalized coaching on our group calls, you'll have the guidance you need to move forward quicker and with ease.

All those fancy day planners collecting dust on your shelf and cookie cutter strategies just don't cut it when it comes to the deeper, more personalized stuff...and you're ready to unlock way more potential.

Life hacks and tips are great in theory but you need personalized support to how these things apply to YOU and what's blocking you ('cause let's be honest... you *know* a lot but applying it is different).

Maybe you're thinking "I should be able to figure these things out for myself."

You need the support and structure of an actual coaching program (not a day planner or life hack). 

A program that combines practical strategies and powerful mindset coaching. 

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